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A) Avoid trite essays talking about majestic college environments, world-class professors and wonderful academics. Also avoid topics that should have been covered in your other essays; the why essay should be devoted solely to information you've gathered about that specific college (this is where it pays to know a lot about activities, research, blah blah)

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Is it our fault? Are we, as readers, responsible for the decline of the American essay? Have we become lazier, less interested, less educated? Attention spans, to be sure, have shortened. Gone are the days when people pored languorously over periodicals during transatlantic crossings. But this is not the reason why essay collections gather dust and why essayists so often count themselves “second-class citizens” (in the words of E.B. White). If the genre is neglected in our day, it is first and foremost because its authors have lost their nerve. It is because essayists—and their editors, their anthologists, and the tastemakers on whom they depend—have lost the courage to address large subjects in a large way.

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