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Essay Structure Structure of an Essay: Introduction, Body paragraphs, Conclusion

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The structure of an argumentative essay as of almost any other essay should contain the with the thesis statement, main body, and the . The amount of paragraphs and their length will wary depending on the assignment. In stating the pros (support of the information stated in the main part) and cons (facts which refute the ideas stated previously) of the topic you should show the depth of your critical and analytical thinking.

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Structure of a Persuasive Essay

I have drawn this picture on the front board of my classroom for the past twenty years or more while teaching the structure of an essay. It graphically illustrates a very formal but simple pattern to follow as students gather information to support a thesis and formulate a composition. The thumbnail view is exactly what you get. $1.99

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It’s useful to think of a paragraph’s structure by comparison to the structure of an essay. As the body of an essay needs a good , so do the evidence and explanation given in a paragraph. Usually, this evidence will need to be contextualized, prefaced, or otherwise introduced before it is provided.

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