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Social Issues Essay Ch 10 Social Issues Q1 In this essay I will be discussing a range of social issues related to the development and research of controversial scientific developments, and considering the extent of responsibility - if any - that scientific researchers have towards how their results are used in today's world. I will be discussing research in the field of nuclear power, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence, and providing a range of different viewpoints before arriving at my conclusion. I would like to begin by explaining why I have termed the above developments as controversial. Whether one's opinion of the relevant subject is based on a range of ethical theories such as consequence-based or character-based ethics, it is clear that the above subject matter inevitably leads to deep thought provocation and strong belief in either side of the relevant argument. The subject of nuclear power is one such subject which is has been in the news of recent years and has stirred up a great deal of controversy with regards to that nuclear power being used as weapons of mass destruction by Iran1 (BBC News Online, 2006).

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Remember: You MUST practice writing at least 2 or 3 Social Studies essays before you take your GED. Even if you are a very strong writer, make sure to time yourself so you can comfortably complete your essay in 25-minutes.

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The GED Social Studies essay question was eliminated on March 1, 2016. For Social Studies practice questions visit our page.

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