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An opinion essay is a written work in which the writer expresses an opinion and supports that opinion with facts and examples. Unlike other , the opinion essay does not necessarily need to rely on hard facts; it can, instead, rely on the writer's opinion only, provided the writer can support his or her opinions with compelling arguments. The essay will consist of an opening paragraph with a thesis statement, supporting paragraphs, and a closing paragraph with an effective conclusion to the essay. Most essay writers should avoid using phrases such as "I think" or "I believe," but the opinion essayist is free to use such terms.

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Ideas As you learned in Unit 1, Mississippi has wetlands in the northwesten part of the state. Some people have opinions about the importance of wetlands, protecting existing wetlands, and protecting the species that live in wetlands. All of these can be ideas for an opinion essay. Write Mississippi’s wetlands in the center of the idea organizer below. Brainstorm topics and write them on the lines. You can add more lines. Then choose your topic. Make sure you have reasons to support your opinion. If you don’t have several good reasons, you might want to choose another topic.


Last month, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel attempted to signal a difference in education policy between his administration and the incoming Donald Trump administration in a Washington Post opinion essay. With Betsy DeVos as Trump's pick for U.S. secretary of education, Emanuel wanted to demonstrate his opposition to her pro-privatization agenda through his support for both public education and charter schools.

3) Having written the plan, write your opinion essay, – the introduction, body and conclusion. Check for mistakes, fragments and commas.

An opinion essay exists to prove your main point – your thesis. This should be clearly statedin your opening paragraph. Don’tleave the reader to guess what your position is on the issue – make a clearstand!An opinion essay is an opportunity to express your feelings on an issue or topic you feel passionately about. You can make your argument even stronger by substantiating your opinions with logical arguments and credible evidence.An opinion essay is an opportunity to express your feelings on an issue or topic you feel passionately about. You can make your argument even stronger by substantiating your opinions with logical arguments and credible evidence.Read the task and decide whether it as a compare/contrast, cause and effect, problem and solution or mixture opinion essay. The type will define what ideas to concentrate on.The opening paragraph of the opinion essay should consist of three basic parts: the hook, which draws the reader into the essay topic; the thesis statement, which is the main argument of the writer clearly stated in one sentence at the end of the paragraph; and the transition, which is a sentence or series of sentences that connects the hook to the thesis statement. The hook can be an example, a basic description of a scene, a quote, or other compelling sentence that will encourage the reader to keep reading. The thesis statement is a clear statement of the writer's opinion and the reason he or she has chosen that opinion. The transition helps connect the scenarios or examples of the hook to the writer's thesis, or opinion.Then you should to present your thesis. It should be your opinion and the main direction of your essay. is one of the most significant things in writing an opinion essay.Select an interesting topic. The main point for writing an interesting opinion essay is to choose a topic that will be interesting for you. In that way you will learn more about your topic. It can be “Video games and violence”, “Animals in medical research” or something else. When you are selecting your topic, remember that you need to have an opinion.So writing an opinion essay could be difficult but if you follow our tips you can manage with it. By the way, if you have difficulties with your we can help you with it. Here you can find some info about and . We can also prompt you some . However, that’s not really the whole story. You can find a help with research papers. Now you know .Using these recommendations it will be an unexpectedly pleasant and enjoyable task for you to write the opinion essay! Be sure it is going to be one of your masterpieces! OPINION ESSAY OPINION ESSAY A) Introduction/Opening- states the topic and gives your opinion clearly B) A main body- supports your opinion with reasons, facts and examples. Includes a new idea in each paragraph C) conclusion- restates your opinion using different words You normally use present tenses in this type of writing, and phrases such as I believe, IN my opinion, I think, It seems to me that, I strongly disagree with,… etc to express your opinion
An opinion essay tells what the writer thinks or feels about a topic. People have different opinions about things. In an opinion essay, you write your opinion about a topic. When you write an opinion essay, you choose a topic about which you have strong feelings. You support your opinion with reasons. For this Unit Project, you are going to write an opinion essay about the wetlands of Mississippi.Voice In an opinion essay, you are telling how you really think and feel about a subject. Let the audience hear your voice. It should be strong and confident. Use strong words and details. Organization Use a chart like the one below to organize your opinion essay. Write your opinion in the top box. In the second row of boxes, write the reasons why you feel or think the way you do. In the last row of boxes, write details, such as examples, that support your reasons. Here are examples of an opinion, a reason, and details: Opinion: Reason: Details: People should spend more time playing sports. Playing sports is healthy. It helps you sleep better. It helps protect you against some illnesses.