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Of Mice and Men Essay 'Of Mice and Men'-By John Steinbeck is a story involving two very different main Characters-George Milton and Lennie Small, who are trudging difficulty through life with a dream to someday own their own ranch. One of the main themes over the course of the novel is loneliness, and this is quickly introduced within the first chapter or two, as well as giving us an insight as to what life was like during the depression (1929-1938). As Lennie is very simple minded, he is always getting into trouble, and at once point Lennie and George found themselves fleeing from their old working situation in Weed.

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Therefore, you can easily incorporate the above told points in your of mice and men essay no matter what is the topic of your essay. Also, try to answer the questions that are highlighted in the preceding points that will give you different view point about of mice and men essays. Try to read the novel two or three times so that you get to the bone of the essay because there are certain unidentified messages are their which a reader has to understand.

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