How you will be graded for Ham on Rye Final Essay (total 15 points):

 The final essay should be no less the five (5) pages long and should include the following items:

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Using your sequence analysis and the feedback you receive from us, you will then expand your argument and your essay to situate the film in a historical, social, or political context (or some combination of the three). Your final essay should be 2000-2500 words in length, and will give you practice in working from a small and concrete instance to a broader conceptual argument about the operation of visual media. You will workshop your first draft of this longer essay with your classmates, and then create a revision plan, much as you did for your film review.


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To set up your essay, simply create a new “post” and choose the “Final Essay” Category for your final project. Read other students’ essays from earlier semesters for good models: the essays that stand out will be those with a good structure to the argument and good use of research material and sources. You may also find references that you can use in your own research.

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please read the attachment carefully, it is for my english class. this attachment is my final essay. i want you to read it and do as it told accurately. please dont make it complicated, i would like it:

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For your final essay, we ask you to work through the central questions of this course by reading a film or other visual text analytically. As in your film review, this will require careful attention to, and description of, the formal features of a visual text. Unlike your film review, however, you will adopt a different perspective: rather than a consumer of visual media as entertainment, you will approach this film as a critical reader, and make an argument about its perspective on the world. This argument will still involve making judgments about your object, but rather than convincing your reader of the film’s enjoyability or aesthetic value, you will attempt to open up new perspectives on how it functions in a historical, social, or political context.This is a format that I’d like to continue working with in the future. I think it might work well to start with a format like this at the beginning of the school year, and gradually remove elements of the scaffolding over the course of the year as students become more and more confident in their own ability to organize their ideas and focus their paragraphs. As a place to begin, I found that this worked very well: Students were able to really focus on understanding the film and developing their own thoughts and opinions, and their final essays were an authentic expression of their perspectives.