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Kira Grushaw was presented a check for $100 for her essay entitled "The America I Believe in" by the Lambertville Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 7921 Commander Georg Hambach.Kira is a 6th grader at Lambertville Public School. The essay was part of the VFW Patriots Pen Program.This item was submitted by George Hambach.

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Will Hough 12/01/04 To Kill A Mockingbird Essay Part 1 To be educated is to obtain or develop a certain knowledge or skill by a learning process. There are many distinct learning processes, some more explicit than others. In the first part of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee, education, in one form or another, is very significant. Both inside and outside of the classroom, Scout continually gains experience through education from both her brother, Jem, or by her wise and tolerant father, Atticus Finch. Although the education of children is more apparent in this novel, the education of adults is not otiose. Scout and Jem learn that Calpurnia, the faithful Negro cook, is their friend. She has been largely responsible for raising the children and has also won complete respect from Atticus, who both children look up to and admire profoundly. Calpurnia is loving yet uncompromising and straight with the children which leads them to gain reverence for her as she has matriarchal characteristics especially since Scout's mother is dead.

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