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Eventually I found “What’s Eating You?”, a prospective book by Cynthia J. Miller and A. Bowdoin Van Riper. The two have worked together on several essay collections, including Undead in the West: Vampires, Zombies, Mummies and Ghosts on the Cinematic Frontier in 2012 to The Laughing Dead: The Horror-Comedy Film from Bride of Frankenstein to Zombieland released last May.

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Writing essay for college assignment is a tough task as one has to raise their level of writing and even add few new words to their vocabulary, one must remember they are no longer in school and can deliver any quality essays, they have to work on their writing skills and work hard to polish them, though you can get expert help from you must focus on enhancing your essay writing skills to submit your assignment within the deadline.

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When it comes to whether or not these three essay collections will be enjoyable for the average reader, the first point to vouch for is the subject matter. The average Joe on the street probably assumes that essay collections are stuffy and wholly focused on contentious subjects such as feminism or racism. The good thing about essay collections is they contain dozens of essays, so it’s not a matter of reading the book from cover to cover. And they’re not all on obscure older or foreign movies like The Seventh Seal or The 400 Blows.

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