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College Essay tips... I'm not in college yet, but they could come in handy.

College Essay Tips: Getting to Know Me

3) Another one of the college application essay tips is to use facts, examples and quotes to back your idea up. Your conclusions, beliefs and your point of view should be based on a solid foundation of facts and events.

Here are some of the college essay tips for teenagers that Knoppow shared with me:

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Some colleges make college application essay tips an . These essays have to be sent together with the application. Some colleges provide topics for the essays and even limit the amount of words to 600 or little more. Other colleges do not have such strict rules for their application essays.

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2) One of the best college application essay tips is to focus on a topic, on one key point and to develop your thoughts on it, step by step. Start from the beginning and logically lead your thought to a conclusion. To do this, do not jump from one subject to another.

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