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The APA format style for essay and paper production is most commonly utilized in the humanities and social sciences disciplines, and students generally begin to experience this format style in high school, as they prepare term papers. APA essay format was initially established, and has been revised over the years, by the American Psychological Association. Today’s students should be thankful for the revisions in the APA style for the citation requirements are indeed far simpler than in the early days of detailed footnotes at the bottom of every page!

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When you are writing an apa essay, you have to observe its standard formatting rules. The standard size for the paper must be 8.5 X 11 inches, with a 1 inch margin on both sides. The paper must come with double spacing and Times New Roman 12 font size. Though Times New Roman is the recommended font, you can use other fonts if you are instructed to. All pages under an apa style essay must have the page header and the page number on the top left corner. You should also observe that the exact structure for your essay will actually depend on the type of paper you are writing. There are differences in style for a thesis and a lab report or for a critique paper and a case study. One more thing to note about the apa essay is that it must come with the major four parts. They include the title page, abstract, main body of the essay and the reference section. These are the most important divisions and they must be gotten correctly.

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SAMPLE APA PAPER FOR STUDENTS 2 Sample APA Paper for Students Learning APA Style Essay s title. The first part of your paper is the introduction. Head this section with the title of your paper; do not use the heading Introduction. This part of your paper should grab your reader s attention, develops the background, and states the purpose and rationale of the paper, and answers the question, What is the point of this paper? At the end of your introduction include a sentence stating the purpose of your research (your thesis statement). While some instructors may have different requirements, in this class, do not use I in you introduction. Section 2.05 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Publication Manual) will give you more information on writing your introduction. The Body of Your Paper Level 1 heading example The middle part of your paper is where you make the main points of your argument. The points you want to make may be clear to you, but that is not always the case for the reader. Paragraphs and headings work together to help you get your ideas across to the reader as clearly as possible (Audi, 1999). Paragraphs Level 2 heading example Paragraphs help you change from one idea to another in your paper. Aim to make one point or present one piece of information in each paragraph. A good writing rule is to state the point you want to make in the first sentence, or the main fact you need to present, and then use the rest of the sentences to explain that point by backing up the first sentence with additional sentences that support the first sentence. It is recommended that you break the document into short... paragraphs to make it easier to read (Kennedy, 2004, p. 23). However, always make sure each paragraph has at least 3 sentences.

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