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As mentioned above, the 3 paragraph essay has only three sections. These are the introduction, body and conclusion. The writing of this essay requires the formulation of an essay outline. This will help you in arranging the content in a coherent manner. It is always advisable to engage in prewriting activities as brainstorming, title formulation, drafting structure and outline etc. before you embark on the actual writing. Once you start off the introduction, close it with a proper thesis statement. The body of the essay must add credibility to your essay. This comes in the form of information which you would present to the reader. Research for your topic can be found through online sources and libraries. However, you should be careful about online sources as some of them may not be reputed. In addition, when writing the essay, you should also consider the citations. For example, if your essay is written according to the MLA style, your citations should be in adherence to this style of writing. The conclusion of the essay should provide closure to the reader. You will summarize and emphasize the main points of the essay in this section and end with a call for action depending on your topic.

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Finally, write it out fair and proofread your 3 paragraph essay. Look for inconsistencies and errors. Read your work again to modify the style of writing and find out poor sentences or incorrect words. What is more, you can read your work out loud to somebody to check if the thesis is expressed clearly to a prospective reader. As usually we have a bird’s-eye view when it comes about our own mistakes.

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Have never heard about 3 paragraph essays? The 3 paragraph essay is a simple format essay created for you to get the concept of essay writing and its basic structure. Such short will help you to organize your thoughts and apply it in a written form. If you understand the structure, you can cope with more complicated writing forms.After your thesis is defined, move to the body of your writing. Express your mind and personal view according to the topic of an essay. You should have 3 main points to discuss about in a body of the writing. Discuss each point at least with three supporting sentences. Don’t forget to use lexical and stylistic techniques to connect each sentence unit with each other. In the conclusion of your 3 paragraph essay, sum up all of the thoughts and ideas to draw the final stroke.